What is Tipple?
Tipple is a free mobile app that teaches you about wine and wine tasting.

Why do I need to download it?
Wine is one of those things in life we all wish we knew a little bit more about. The reality though is few of us ever get the time or the opportunity to really learn, or even know where to start - that’s where Tipple comes in.

So What is it?
Tipple is an innovative new way to learn about wine. For those who simply enjoy drinking wine, right through to the experienced connoisseur, Tipple guides you through the process of wine tasting and intuitively transforms your wine experiences into industry recognised tasting notes. It’s wine tasting for everyone.

How Does it work?

+ Snap a photo of the wine you're drinking

+ Tipple guides you through completing a structured tasting note, one step at a time.. From the appearance to the finish.

+ Use the animated aroma wheel to help figure out what you can smell

+ Record the wine's information and your rating, then it saves to your TimeWine - your history through wine

+ Stuck? There's a 'Tipple tips' screen for every page that lends a helping hand. Not sure what you can smell on a cabernet, or unsure what grape is in Prosecco? There's a tip for that.

+ Share a digital record of your tasting note to social media or with friends

+ Never forget a great wine again - scroll back through your own Journey through Wine on your TimeWine, or search all records.

What if I say something wrong or stupid?
It's easy to get bamboozled with the jargon used in wine tastings - Tipple Tips is there to help every step of the way. Not sure of the words to use or worried you'll say something silly? Tipple takes out the guesswork and gives you a full range of industry vocabulary, right there on screen to pick from.

How does it compare to the label scanners I've heard of? Why don't I just use them?

Label scanners are great pieces of technology, but sadly they don't help you learn how to taste wine.

There's a phenomenon called auto-correlation in tasting : If I tell you that you have to try this incredible wine, you are pre-disposed to think it's better than it is.. This bias can impact a true representation of the wine. The same thing goes when you see straight away the scores and reviews of others before you've tasted it.

There's also an issue of data integrity- how do you know that the person wrote the review knows what they're talking about versus someone trying to get their own label higher up on the list? It can often be like an angry TripAdvisor review spoiling an honest opinion. 

We instead want to focus on you, and your palate. What can you taste, and what do you honestly think of the wine you're tasting?

What makes Tipple Unique?

It makes learning about wine Accessible, Intuitive & fun.

Tipple is designed to transform the way we approach learning about wine by breaking down the staid image of old and making wine tasting approachable and accessible to all. 

Why the logo?

The logo is an infinite loop within the grapes which symbolises the core concept of Tipple : Taste, Learn, Share.

Taste : Tipple is a mobile app that shows users how to critically approach tasting wine.

Learn : Easy to understand Tips explain how to approach wine tasting and give users helpful hints and create those magic ‘aha!’ moments in education.

Share : Both the knowledge they’ve gained from the app, and the wines they’ve tasted along the way with other and potential users.

Is it on Android?

Not yet- we're working on it.

How do I know if i'm right?

It's your taste, it's your palate, It's your Tipple. If you can taste it, you are right.


Tipple is changing the wine we learn about wine and taking it out from dusty cellars with dictionaries and into the 21st century. With a crystal clear interface, and intuitive design features, you’ll find yourself recording wines like a pro in no time. 

The discovery of a world of wine starts with your first Tipple. Download it free today on the app store - https://appsto.re/gb/5ugc3.i